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Our mission is to provide displaced people with:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Medical Services
  • Housing & Infrastructure
  • Education & Job Skill Training
  • Economic Development

Our company provides strategic Benefit Centers in the target countries as the origination points for the services provided by our organization. We use local human resources to operate these centers as a form of mitigating any potential cultural or societal impacts.

Projected Distributions

We make every effort to maintain low operating costs, and continually strive to achieve a 90% distribution rate. Our management team is unique in that it applies business practices to a non-profit environment. We stress accountability for the use of funds and timeliness in the attaining of stated objectives. Additionally, our progress is monitored with the use of efficiency ratios such that per capita amounts are reflected in each of our benefit areas for performance measurement and projection purposes.

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Key Projects

Afghan Refugees
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